Vic - Interview Package for all positions
Vic - Interview Package for all  positions
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Vic - Interview Package for all positions

Price: $50.00 inc GST

The Interview Package comprises two documents – a detailed booklet and a PowerPoint show, for use by one individual.

Our Online Interview Packages for teachers aspiring to leadership positions or classroom teaching positions in VIC government schools will give you

  • a detailed understanding of the interview process, together with many handy hints, sample questions and interview instruments.
  • many useful hints and ideas to ensure you deliver the best possible interview performance 

This comprehensive package consists of:

  • A detailed, downloadable booklet
  • A highly informative PowerPoint presentation

It provides aspiring leaders in Victorian government schools with some very useful hints, examples and strategies including:

  • Preparing for the interview - there are many things you can do well before the day.
  • Conducting the interview - how to interpret and answer the different styles of questions.
  • Closing the interview - how to convince the panel that you're the one.
  • Understanding the different types of interview instruments used by panels.

This package is designed specifically for the VIC government system seeking promotion to:

  • Principal
  • Assistant Principal
  • Leading Teacher
  • Classroom Teacher

Price: $50.00 inc GST

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