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About Us

About the company

Teachers’ Professional Résumés works with education professionals to create dynamic job applications and prepare for interview. Since 1990 we have worked with thousands of teachers in all states and school systems across Australia.

We have a strong working knowledge of the recruitment processes used by state systems and private schools across Australia. This includes:

  • CV layout,
  • Résumé content,
  • Selection criteria; and
  • Interview requirements.

This detail forms the basis of our Online Packages, and is now available to aspiring leaders in most states. We also provide workshops, held at regular intervals throughout the year, in New South Wales and Queensland.

Rick Bowman, Director

Director of Teachers’ Professional Résumés, Rick Bowman is a former principal, deputy principal, head of department and classroom teacher. Graduating from Sydney University in 1973, Rick has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Education (Admin.), is a Member of the Australian College of Education, and a Fellow and Councillor of the Australian Institute of Management. He has also written several mathematics textbooks and is the author of the widely acclaimed Algebra Toolbox suite of resources.

About the product

Teachers’ Professional Résumés provides a range of products and services to suit the needs of aspiring school leaders in all states and education systems across Australia. These include:

  • Online Packages for Application Writing and Interview. These tailor-made packages address the unique requirements of the recruitment process in each state education system, as well as independent and Catholic schools.
  • Individual support. Whether you are a promotional aspirant, or are seeking a classroom teaching position, we’ll offer one-on-one support in crafting your cover letter and résumé, and addressing the selection criteria (if required).
  • One-day Workshops for Application Writing and Interview. Available in NSW and QLD, the workshops will guide you through the entire process of developing a written application and preparing for interview. A “mock-interview”, conducted in small groups will give you the chance to practise your skills and receive immediate feedback from a panel.



"I attended your application writing and interview course at Bondi in August 2012. My two colleagues and I got a lot out of it and would never have had the confidence to even write a resume or go for an AP position without doing this course. In December I went for an AP position and got it. My two colleagues are now getting to interview and hopefully both will have a position soon. I want to thank you for the guidance and confidence you have given me. You are so knowledgeable and gave us such excellent tips. A fantastic workshop and thank you so much!! 

- Cheryl McNaught, Hambledon Public School (NSW)
“Thank you Rick for your Online Package. The information in the booklet was detailed and thorough, and I really appreciated the examples of completed criteria, as they provided a really good model for me to use. The powerpoint was great and I could work through it at my own pace. It really did provide some excellent pointers for my interview performance. Thank you again!”

- Lynette Morris, Hendra Secondary College (QLD)
"Your Sydney workshop was by far the best I have been to, and I have been to lots of workshops for Ap-plication Writing and Interview. I finished the day with a thorough understanding of how to write to the DET criteria and with plenty of ideas and tips for preparing for the interview. Your package is a sensational, cohesive, easy-to-use resource. Thank you! "

-Anna Tsoutsa, HT, Moorefield Girls High (NSW)
"The workshop was straightforward and easy to follow. Most pleasing was the absence of jargon and complex, unfathomable diagrams. The interaction among participants was excellent and mock-interview terrific. The best I have been to."

- Maurice Johnston, Principal, Maroubra Public School (NSW)
"The interview workshop was excellent and the mock-interview situation really helped me to improve my interview style. The supportive, collegial interaction among participants enabled me to get immediate feedback on my response. I also appreciated the ongoing critiquing of my application as it was progressing - a really useful part of the service that is included with the cost."

- Jane Irvin, HOD Mathematics, Deception Bay High School (QLD)
"I will certainly be telling my colleagues about these workshops. This was one of the best professional development days I have ever attended. A fantastic day. Thank you!"

- Sue Vasilevska, R/Principal, Marsden High School (NSW)
"The Online Package was very easy to understand and what I really appreciated was Rick’s accessibility after I purchased the package. It demystified the language and style of the cover letter and CV, and helped me to get my head around the whole process"

- Gareth Mitchell, Head of Learning Area, Karratha SHS, WA
“After three years of casual teaching and trying to obtain permanency, I bought the Online Package for NSW Casual Teachers seeking Permanency”. Within three weeks of submitting my application I received four interviews and a job offer. Thank you!”

- Parvinder Singh, Merrylands NSW